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Do you have a long web address which you would like to shorten? How about changing:



http:// 081.co.uk/123

Far easier to remember / share / tweet etc.

This is a free service with no implied warranty what so ever. Please feel free to use this to make shorter URLS but don't don't complain if they stop working. The URLS used for this service are all available for sale. We reserve the right to remove any of the entries, whenever we like.

In the URL box, enter the long web address you would like to shorten and in the box below, enter the short url. e.g if you wish to change http://www.mywebsiteaddress.com/pages/linkcode.php?123467j to http:// 081.co.uk/123 , enter the long address in the first box and 1234 in the second.

NB. You do not have to specify the http://081.co.uk as you can use any of the domains names in the list above, with your short version.

As far as getting a good short name is concerned, first come first served! Just be aware that if your link is not getting much/any traffic, we reserve the right to delete it so someone who has more use for it can use it. We also reserve the right to remove any links we deem as inappropriare (for any reason).

Thank you for using this service. Enjoy!

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